Message from Vice-Chancellor

Quality assurance in an institution is not just about the process rather it is a mission to become "a center of academic excellence". Enhancing quality assurance has become one of the essential elements of higher education institutions in Nepal.

In order to rule the overall university level institutional policies related to quality conformance and assurance, Mid-Western University has a provision of forming Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) which is endorsed in the Mid-Western University Rules and Regulations 2012. QAC is an apex body in quality assurance related matters which is strongly committed to enhancing quality at the University. The primary function of QAC is to lead and direct internal quality assurance by formulating policies related to quality assurance and provide directions to concerned sub-committees and any other task committees.

In addition to QAC, there are three other structural mechanisms functioning at the University: Quality Assurance Sub-Committee at the faculty level, Internal Quality Assurance Committee at the campus or institutional level and Self-Assessment Team (SAT) at the implementation of the institution. They all aim to enhance quality in teaching-learning, research and innovation, administration and finance.

All these four-tiers and any other task committees related to quality assurance will be coordinated by Quality Assurance and Accreditation Division to facilitate all matters related to quality assurance functions within the University. 

Prof. Nanda Bahadur Singh, PhD