Message From Executive Director

Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) is a key component in universal higher education systems in recent days.  Compliance with QAA system requirements has been proved return worthy with curricular and institutional system recognition, delivery of quality education and graduate employability across the world. In Nepal, National Educational Policy-2019 has provisioned QAA as one of the standard norms of educational institutions for imparting quality education.

It has become mandatory for educational institutions and regulatory bodies to place due emphasis on compliance with QAA requirements. Mid-Western University (MWU) has also adopted a policy of having in place the operational guidelines to help transform the overall institutional systems, processes, programs, and services at par with prevailing universal requirements and assurance system practices.

In this respect, to govern the overall university level institutional policies, governance and system practices related to quality conformance and assurance, the University has the provision of forming an autonomous committee that comprises of the University top-level officials under the provision of the Mid-Western University Rules and Regulations 2012. The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC), an apex body on QAA,has documented the ‘Operational Policy and Guidelines on Quality Assurance 2019’ as a university-wide master document to govern the mission of QAA within the University across various Faculties, Institutions, Campuses and Programs by undertaking uniform system procedures to be accomplished on University’s shared mission to create and transform accessible, affordable and needs-based quality in higher education, research, and innovation.     

In line with the mandated organizational structure and design of the institution, Mid-Western University has established a separate division, Quality Assurance and Accreditation Division (QAAD) to coordinate all four tiers of the QAA structural mechanisms and undertake internal quality assurance related matters at the University. 

I hope all the members of the University community and valued stakeholders will assist in enhancing the process of implementing quality assurance systems at all functional levels of the University. Thanking you all.

Assoc. Prof. Liladhar Tiwari, PhD

            Executive Director